Welcome to my website dedicated to my can collection.

All my cans are currently in boxes in a big warehouse.
Today, I have 100922 different cans.
I also thank all the people who bring me cans from their travels!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!
cans@cans.ch or on Facebook

A bit of history

It’s true that it sounds a bit crazy (not to say completely stupid), but it’s true.

How could anyone have such an idea? For me, it all started on my school trip in 1998. We went to Tuscany. On the way back, I bought a can of Fanta for my lunch. I noticed that it was different from the one in Switzerland. So I started keeping them in the corner of my room.

My collection grew very slowly at first, it was harder to make exchanges. I remember sending duplicate lists by fax! Then, thanks to the internet, everything became easier, much easier!
My collection continued to grow “slowly” with 11’000 cans at the end of 2007!

Then everything accelerated with, in 2010, the purchase of part of Sylvain Ichx’s collection. More than 14’000 cans added, even if it took years to list them. Since then, I still have a mountain of cans to sort out… Maybe there are 10 or 15’000?

Since 2014, I go 1 or 2 times to beer collectors’ markets (Bad Rappenau and Hamm). Each time, I find a few hundred cans there!

At the end of 2019, I upgraded my collection management program. It is now much faster for me to add cans. This explains the acceleration of the 2020 and 2021 additions. I was able to add over 10,000 cans in less time. But the backlog has increased because of/due to Jarda stopping his collection.

Even if I still keep all the cans I receive, I try to limit my collection. I mainly look for: Coca-Cola / Pepsi / Fanta / Sprite and beers.

In beers, there has been an explosion in the number of craft breweries with paper labels, I still keep the one I receive, but I don’t exchange them.

2023 will mark the 25th anniversary of my collection (and my 40th!). Although it should also be the year I wait for the 100’000 cans, I would like to get some out of the boxes… To be continued!